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Driviesapp Review

DriviesApp is a startup that plans to brings gamification to the boring world of car insurance.

Drivies android and iOS apps monitors drivers and based on the their driving behavior builds risk profiles of the drivers. The company shares the risk profile of drivers with insurance companies so that they can offer discount on insurance. In addition, the app uses the capabilities and sensors of mobile phones to analyze driving habits in order to provide drivers with information on how to improve the handling of their vehicles. Additional benefits include petrol savings and better deals on car insurance.

Drivies substantially improves risk prediction, attracts users looking to benefit from offers and discounts and turns those users into potential customers for insurance companies. The application is available in Spain, where more than 120,000 users are registered.

The Drivies App initiative came from within Telefónica I + D as an intra-entrepreneurship program.  Auto insurance is a commodity business and insurance products lack differentiation and buyers often switch providers based on marketing and monthly premiums. Drivies brings an interesting twist to an old industry suffering from intense competition and lack of innovation- an industry in which the user acquisition & retention cost are incredibly high.

The app's value proposition is that users do not care about insurance & often associate it with negative incidents such as accidents and expenses and drivies offers a fun and social tool that encourages drivers to drive safer and get rewards point for that. Good drivers can redeem the reward points to lower their monthly premiums & fuel costs. Drivies is an app to watch out for.  

Founders: Sancho Atienza, Jesús Bernat, José Luis Blanco, Marina Martínez, Víctor Manuel García and Laura García,

Initiative by: Telefónica I + D as an intra-entrepreneurship program
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Update: We have learnt that the startup has shut down and is no longer offering services.


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